Report configuration

You can configure reports for CDR applications so customers can print their permits and licenses from the portal. Reports must first be defined using the Reports Manager in Infor Public Sector.

See Defining a report for the portal.

You can then associate reports with specific pages in the portal site. To configure reports for Rhythm for Civics, use the Setup > Reports node in the Portal configuration.

See Reports node.

Use the attributes on the Reports node to specify how the reports are displayed for CDR instruments in the Instrument Detail widget.

The Reports node has a child InfoViewer node, which in turn has a child node for each CDR module. Use these nodes to specify the reports that are available from each CDR InfoViewer.

The node for each CDR InfoViewer has a child Reports node, with one or more report nodes as children. The Report Name attribute specifies the name of the report, as specified in the Reports Manager.

Each report node can also have one or more application type nodes as children. The application type nodes specify the application types and milestones for which the parent report is displayed.