Account activation

For added security you can require new users to activate their accounts after registering. Activation is done by clicking a link in an email that is sent to the new user. The link includes a randomly generated activation code.

To enable this feature you must first edit the Portal configuration in the Configuration Editor. Select the Portal User node and set the Enable Activation attribute to True. You can also use the Activation Code Length attribute to specify the length of the activation code that is sent to the user. The default is 6 characters.

Next, log in to the portal site as an administrator and navigate to the registration page. Open the widget configuration for the Register New Account widget and set "Require account activation" to True. In the Activation Email Template ID field, specify RegisterPortalUser.

See Configuring widgets.

The next step is to edit the notification template that is used to send the email to a newly registered user. To do this log in to Infor Public Sector and select Resources > Notification Templates. Edit the RegisterPortalUser template to match your agency's requirements.

See Notifications.

The template must include a link with the URL parameters /activationCode/{{oMembership.ActivationCode}}, such as{{oMembership.ActivationCode}}.

To test your configuration, register a new user in the portal site. You should receive an email containing an activation link, as specified in the notification template. Click the link to activate the new account.