Creating a project application type

When a user submits an application through a wizard, Infor Public Sector first adds a project application that serves as a container for any other applications that are submitted. To configure the wizards you must specify the type of project application that you want to use.

Note: The wizard project application should not be altered in Infor Public Sector. For example, adding applicants in the back office can affect the way application information is displayed in Rhythm for Civics.

First, create a project application type in Application Workflow. The project application is only a container for the other applications, so it shouldn't have any workflow associated with it, such as reviews, inspections, or fees. You only need to fill in the required fields and save your application type. Any workflow that you define for it will be ignored in Rhythm for Civics.

Then open the Project System Setup page, select the Portal Setup tab, and specify the application type that you created in the Wizard Project Type field.

See the Infor Public Sector Project Administration Guide.