Site overview

Infor Rhythm for Civics is built on the Infor Rhythm platform, which in turn is built on Liferay, a website portal and a content management system.

The Rhythm for Civics site consists of pages and widgets. Each page is a container for set of widgets, which contain the site functionality.

A widget is a small application that serves a specific purpose within the Rhythm for Civics site. Administrators can add and remove widgets, change their look and feel, and reposition them on the pages where they are displayed. Each widget also has its own configuration options.

Some widgets are part of the Rhythm platform, while others are specific to Rhythm for Civics. These are some examples of Rhythm for Civics widgets:

  • Account Information
  • Add Instrument
  • Checkout
  • Instrument Detail
  • My Assignments View
  • My Fees
  • My Projects View
  • Record Results
  • Reset Password
  • Wizard
Note: "Instrument" is a generic term for all applications, licenses, and service requests in the portal.