Attachment links

Rhythm for Civics can accommodate large attachments, up to 1.5 GB in size, but some additional setup is required.

For large attachments, rather than uploading the file directly in Rhythm for Civics, the user uploads it to an external site such as Dropbox and then enters the attachment's URL in Rhythm for Civics. Later, a Batch Manager task in Infor Public Sector downloads the attachment from the specified URL.

To enable this functionality you must add one or more detail pages to store the URLs of the attachments to be downloaded. The detail pages are used to store the URLs of the files to be downloaded. You must also configure the attachment downloading functionality in the Hansen8 configuration, and you must add a Process Attachment Links task in the Batch Manager.

See "Process Attachment Links" in the Infor Public Sector Batch Processing Administration Guide for more information.