Custom validation

You can use workflow formulas in Infor Public Sector to validate the data that users enter in the Add Instrument widget when submitting applications in Rhythm for Civics. For example, you might want to check that the square footage that the user enters is below a certain amount, or that the declared valuation is above a certain amount.

Use the Workflow Manager in Infor Public Sector to define custom validation formulas for these objects:

  • CDR.Building.BuildingApplication
  • CDR.BusinessLicense.LicenseApplication
  • CDR.CodeEnforcement.Case
  • CDR.Planning.PlanningApplication
  • CDR.Project.ProjectApplication
  • CDR.TradeLicense.TradeLicense
  • CDR.UseApplication.UseApplication

These custom validation events are available for each object:

  • CustomValidatePortalAttachments: Triggered when the user adds an attachment.
    Note: This formula is used only if you have enabled the advanced attachment feature.

    See Attachments for CDR instruments.

  • CustomValidatePortalDetails: Triggered when the user leaves the Additional Information tab, which is where any details that are defined for an application type are displayed.
  • CustomValidatePortalInfo: Triggered when the user leaves the Record Information tab in the Add Instrument widget. This is the first step in the submission process.
  • CustomValidatePortalLocation: Triggered when the user enters the location of a new application.

Validation can be done at the page level or at the control level.