Map questions

A wizard can prompt the user to select a location from a map. To include a map in a wizard, you must first define a maplet in the GIS configuration.

See GIS configuration.

Then, in CPQ, you must define a text box, and specify the maplet ID in the Information Message field. Add the prefix "Map:" to the maplet ID, such as Map:rhythm-civics-wizard. The wizard will then show the map instead of a regular text box.

Optionally, you can include a formula to validate your map objects. In the Information Message field, add a ? to the end of the maplet name and specify the formula, such as Map:rhythm-civics-wizard?IsFoodZone. You must also add a hidden text field to hold the value returned by the formula.

The formula is defined in the Workflow Manager in Infor Public Sector, under Infor Business Object > Portal > Scenario > ScenarioMapValidationFormula.