Configuring the service provider feature

To use service providers in Rhythm for Civics you must first activate the feature. First, open the Portal configuration in the Configuration Editor. Select the CDR Setup node and set the Use Service Providers attribute to True.

Next, you must specify which license types qualify contacts to perform different review and inspection types. To do this, use the Filter Code Setup form for each CDR module in Infor Public Sector. Each of these forms includes an Inspection - Qualifying License node and a Review - Qualifying License node that you can use to associate inspection and review types with contractor license types. Contacts who hold the specified license types may be approved to perform the specified inspection and review types.

Finally, you can indicate whether portal users can identify themselves as service providers when they create new profiles or update their profiles. Use the Allow user to change service provider status option in the configuration for the Register New Account widget or the Account Information widget.

See Configuring widgets.