Checkout widget

Used to make a payment. You can enter these settings in the widget's configuration:

Setting Description
Fees Target Page Page that shows fee information.
Dashboard Target Page Page that shows the user's dashboard.
Instrument Detail Target Page Page that shows instrument details.
Email Template Template that is used for the payment confirmation email.
Note: If you set Allow Print Receipt or Allow Email Receipt to True, do not specify a template here.

See Receipt configuration.

Allow Print Receipt Indicates whether the Print Receipt button is shown in the Checkout widget.

See Receipt configuration.

Allow Email Receipt Indicates whether the Email Receipt button is shown in the Checkout widget.

See Receipt configuration.

eCheck Options

The eCheck Options section defines settings for eCheck payments.

Setting Description
Check Number Attribute For eCheck payments, indicates whether the check number field is displayed. You can select one of three values: Present, Required, or Hidden.

Elavon Options

The Elavon Options section includes settings that you must enter if you're using Elavon Fusebox for payment processing.

See Elavon Fusebox configuration.

Setting Description
Elavon Token Host Token host for Elavon.
Elavon Chain Code Chain code for Elavon.
Elavon Location ID Location ID for Elavon.
Elavon Terminal ID Terminal ID for Elavon.

You can also specify icons to show for the different types of cards that you accept on the Elavon checkout page. Use the Add and Remove buttons under Credit Cart Icons to add or remove icons. For each icon you an specify these properties:

Setting Description
Card Type Type of credit card for which you're defining the icon.
Image Source Source of the image to show for this type of card.
Image Title Title of the image.
Image Class CSS class of the image.

Authorize & Capture Options

The Authorize & Capture Options section defines settings for authorize and capture transactions.

Setting Description
Max # of Trials Maximum number of times Rhythm for Civics will attempt to complete an authorize and capture transaction.

Hosted Page Solution Options

The settings in the Hosted Page Solution Options section are used if you're using a hosted page payment gateway provider.

See Hosted page payment gateway configuration.

Setting Description
Cancel Return Page Page to be opened if the user clicks Cancel during the payment process.
Token Id Used to map a redirect response. The default value is token.
External Libraries You can add one or more external JavaScript libraries for a hosted provider. Use the Add and Remove buttons under External Libraries to add or remove libraries. These libraries are loaded when the user clicks OK in the Payment Processing dialog box. (This is the dialog box that appears when the user clicks Make Payment in the Current Statement widget, indicating that the user is being redirected to an external page.)

For each library, specify the URL in the External Library URL field. Select the Loading Libraries Async check box if you want all libraries to be loaded at the same time. Do not select this check box if the libraries must be loaded in a specific order.