Editing detail pages

In addition to specifying whether a detail is shown in the portal, you can specify which controls on the page are shown.

When editing a detail page in the Page Editor, you can specify which controls are displayed in Rhythm for Civics. Each control has a Show in Portal property that can be set to True or False. The control will only be displayed in the portal if this property is set to True.

You can also show tooltips on your detail pages in Rhythm for Civics. There are four types of controls that support tooltips. For edit boxes and drop-down boxes, use the LabelTipToolTip property.

If a control has a tooltip, Rhythm for Civics shows a small icon next to the control's label. The user can hover over this icon to view the tooltip. property to specify the tooltip that you want to show. For check boxes and grid columns, use the

Sample tooltip