System architecture

Rhythm for Civics is hosted in the cloud, and uses Infor Public Sector Rest Services to connect to the database. In the back office, agency personnel use Infor Public Sector to connect to the same database and work with the same records as users of the portal.

A Rhythm for Civics tenant can have one site or multiple sites. For example, an agency might have a development site and a training site in addition to its production site. Sites are added by the tenant super administrator and then configured and managed by one or more site administrators.

Site administrators use various tools to configure and maintain Rhythm for Civics. The site itself includes a set of tools that are displayed when you log in as an administrator. You can use these tools to alter the behavior and appearance of the site pages.

Other administrative tasks are completed in the back office. In the back office you use two main tools to configure the portal site:

  • Infor Public Sector includes various forms that you use to configure records for display in the portal. For example, you can use the Service Request Type form to specify which request types are available in Rhythm for Civics.
  • The Portal configuration controls other aspects of the appearance and behavior of the Rhythm for Civics site. The Portal configuration is edited in the Configuration Editor, which is found in the bin directory of the Rest Services application directory.