Generating details from Rest Services

In addition to using the Detail Page Generator widget, you can use the DetailPageGenerate service in Rest Services to generate detail pages without logging in to Rhythm for Civics. We recommend that you use Chrome or Postman to complete these steps.

  1. Use the authentication service to log in to Rest Services.
    To call the authentication service, open a web browser and enter the URL of your Rest Services site followed by /api/auth. Then enter a valid Infor Public Sector user name and password in the query string, as in this example:

    http://server/rest services/api/auth?UserName=username&Password=password

  2. Open a new tab in your browser, leaving the first tab open.
    Opening a new tab ensures that you remain logged in to the Rest Services.
  3. To call the DetailPageGenerate service, enter the path api/core/detailpage/generate after your Rest Services URL, followed by the moniker of the detail that you want to generate.
    For example:

    http://server/rest services/api/core/detailpage/generate/moniker

    If you don't know the moniker of the detail, you can use Application Workflow to look it up. When you open an existing detail type, the moniker is displayed in the Name of Detail Page field.

  4. To generate all detail pages, use this URL structure:
    http://server/rest services/api/core/detailpage/generate/all