Enhancements for one-time payments

This update includes two enhancements to the one-time payment functionality for CDR application fees.

First, there is a new option to allow users to request one-time payments from someone else. Use the Allow URL Payment Sharing for Customer and Allow URL Payment Sharing for Public attributes on the Fees node in the Portal configuration.

If this feature is enabled, users will see the Request Payment button in the My Fees section of the Instrument Detail widget. They can click this button to email the one-time payment URL to the person who will pay the fee.

Request Payment button

Second, there is a new setting in the Portal configuration to require payment of the full balance when users make one-time payments. Set the Require Full Payment of Unpaid Balance attribute on the Fees node to True.

For more information see "One-time payments" in the Infor Rhythm for Civics Administration Guide.