DigEplan configuration

To use the DigEplan integration in Rhythm for Civics, you must first enable it in the Infor Public Sector site. After the integration is enabled in Infor Public Sector, you can configure it for service providers and customers in the portal.

Configuration in Infor Public Sector

To configure the DigEplan integration in Infor Public Sector, use the DigEplan node under the General > Electronic Plans node in the CDR configuration.

  • Settings for service providers are specified on the Profile - Reviewer node under the DigEplan node.
  • Settings for customers are specified on the Profile - Customer node under the DigEplan node.

You must then use the Attachment Caching node under the DigEplan node to specify which document types will be cached for use in DigEplan.

For details see "Configuring the DigEplan integration" in the CDR administration guides, such as the Infor Public Sector Building Permits Administration Guide.

Each of the configured document types must be configured for the correct roles in Rhythm for Civics using the Portal Configuration grid in Document Type Setup.

You must also set up access control for your EDM providers and document types. The user that you use to connect to Infor Public Sector (specified on the Portal User node of the Portal configuration) must be granted access to the providers and that you want to use.

Finally, to show the Electronic Plans button in the My Projects Card View widget, use the CDR system setup form for each module, such as Building Permits System Setup. In the Choose Fields to Show grid on the Portal Setups tab, select the My Projects check boxes for the Electronic Plans field.

Configuration in Rhythm for Civics

To use the integration in Rhythm for Civics, the advanced attachment feature must be enabled.

See Attachments for CDR instruments.

To configure the integration, open the Portal configuration in the Configuration Editor and select the Electronic Plan node under the Setup node.

The integration must be enabled separately for each module. For example, to enable DigEplan for Building Permits, set the Enable Building Electronic Plan attribute to True. You can also the Profiles node under the Electronic Plan node to specify which attributes of the electronic plan reviews will be shown to portal users in different roles.

See Electronic Plan node.