Transaction auditing

The Rhythm for Civics license authorizes a set number of transactions, where a transaction is defined as a single permit, license, case, or service request that can be searched for in the portal site.

You can use the Generate Audit Report page in Infor Public Sector to keep track of the number of transactions in your Rhythm for Civics site.

Generate Audit Report is available in Infor Public Sector January 2022 or later. It is not available in Infor Public Sector 11.1.

Select Portal > Generate Audit Report, specify the date range for the report, and click Generate Audit Report.

The report is a .csv file that lists your transactions. The report has separate sections for CDR and Customer Service, with CDR further broken down by module. For each application type or service request type, the report shows the number of newly submitted, searchable, and distinct transactions, with subtotals and a grand total below.

  • The SubmittedCount column shows the number of records that have been submitted in Rhythm for Civics during the specified date range.
  • The SearchableCount column shows the number of records that can be returned by searches in Rhythm for Civics.
  • The DistinctCount column shows the total number of unique records for the SubmittedCount and SearchableCount columns.

An out-of-the-box SSRS report is also provided for customers using SSRS. The report is CivicsTransactionReports.rdl in the Reports\SSRS\Common folder in the File Explorer.