Customer Service details

In Customer Service, you can define details for individual service request types as well as global details that apply to all request types. Both global details and request type details can be shown in Rhythm for Civics.

To make a service request detail available in the portal, you must first add and save the detail, then edit it. When editing the detail, select IPS & Portal from the Display Module list to make the detail available in the portal. If you select IPS, then the detail will be displayed in Infor Public Sector only.

Note: The Display Module list is not available when you add a new detail, only when you edit an existing detail.

When you select IPS & Portal from the Display Module list, the Portal Submit Placement fields are also shown. Use these fields to specify where the detail will be placed if details are embedded in the Add Instrument widget.

See Embedded details.

You can also indicate whether details are editable, display-only, or not present in the portal for users in different roles. Use the Detail Page Constraints for Portal grid on the Portal Setup tab of the Request Type Global Parameters dialog box.

See the Infor Public Sector Customer Service Administration Guide for more information.