GIS synchronization

The GIS synchronization tools in Infor Public Sector are used to keep records in your database, such as addresses and parcels, in sync with the corresponding features in your GIS. Rhythm for Civics can use these same tools to access records in Infor Public Sector based on the GIS object IDs.

For example, an address feature in ArcGIS is identified by a GlobalID attribute. Sync integrations in the Infor Public Sector database can be used to map the GlobalIDs of addresses in ArcGIS to the primary keys of the corresponding address records in Infor Public Sector. So Rhythm for Civics can use the sync integration records to find the address key that is linked to a given GlobalID and load that address record.

Note: See "GIS synchronization" in the Infor Public Sector GIS Administration Guide for more information.

To enable GIS synchronization for your portal site, open the GIS configuration and browse to the LOCALIZATIONS > Resources node for the rhythm-base maplet. Select the sync_key_field: node and set the Value attribute to the primary key attribute for GIS features, such as GlobalID.

Setting the sync key field value both enables GIS synchronization and indicates the GIS feature attribute that will be used to get the associated Infor Public Sector keys.

If GIS synchronization is not enabled, then the Infor Public Sector primary keys, such as address keys, must be stored in the GIS layer if you want to access Infor Public Sector records from the map.

If all GIS layers use the same attribute as the primary key, then this is the only information that you need to enter. If different layers have different primary keys, you might also need to specify an object moniker or a GIS mapping to get the right records from the Infor Public Sector database.

See Specifying monikers and mappings.

For this to work you must also expose the Rest Services endpoint that will be used. In the Portal configuration, select the Security > Service Model Whitelist > Allowing Models node. Add a child Model node with these attributes:

  • Name: Infor.PublicSector.Services.GIS.IpsFeature
  • Http Method: Post