Application type categories

Application types can be organized in categories in the Application Workflow forms in Infor Public Sector. The categories that are defined in Infor Public Sector can also be shown in Rhythm for Civics.

Whether an application type category is shown in the portal depends on the application types that belong to that category. When a user starts an application in Rhythm for Civics, the Add Instrument widget shows each category with at least one application type that is available in the portal. The available application types are grouped under the category.

When creating an application type category in Infor Public Sector, you can use the Portal Title field to specify the title that will be used for the category in the portal. If you don't enter a portal title, then the category name will be used. You can also use the Portal Description field to enter an alternate description of the category for portal users, and you can use the Portal Order field to specify the order in which the category will be displayed.