Global service request settings

In addition to specifying which service request categories and request types are available in Rhythm for Civics, you can specify which service request information you want to show.

Because these settings apply to all service request types, they are defined using the Request Type Global Parameters dialog box in Infor Public Sector. On the Service Request Type page, click the Global Settings button and select the Portal Setup tab.

Under Instrument Setup on the Portal Setup tab, you can select the service request information that you want to show for customers and for public users. For example, you might allow customers to add attachments to service requests, but public users can only view attachments.

Note: In the July 2021 ( update of Infor Public Sector, some of the service request settings in the configuration for the Instrument Detail widget were added to the request type global parameters in the back office. To use the settings from the back office, you must enable this feature by clicking Enable for the Use Back-office Portlet Configuration feature in the Feature Upgrade widget. Until you enable the upgrade, Rhythm for Civics will continue to use the settings from the widget configuration.

See Feature Upgrade widget.

Use the Choose Fields to Show in Customer Service grid to select the fields that you want to show in different contexts in the card views in My Projects and the lookup.

See Card views.

Finally, the Detail Page Constraints for Portal grid defines how Customer Service details are shown in Rhythm for Civics.

See Customer Service details.