Attachments for CDR instruments

You can use attachment constraints in Infor Public Sector to define attachment requirements and to limit the types of documents that users can attach to applications in Rhythm for Civics. For example, you can require specific document types to be attached to applications at different milestones.

To use this feature in Rhythm for Civics, you must first enable it by clicking the Enable button for the advanced attachment feature in the Feature Upgrade widget.

See Feature Upgrade widget.

Attachment constraints are defined for either application types or application milestones in the Application Workflow forms. If you specify one or more document types for an application type or milestone, then only those document types can be attached. For each document type you can use a formula to set requirements such as the number of documents that must be attached, and to show instructions to the portal user in the Add Instrument widget.

You can also write a formula in an attachment constraint to disable a document type's permissions for portal users. For example, if you want to allow users to add a certain type of document, but not update or delete documents, you can write a formula to disable the Update and Delete permissions for that document type.

For more information see the appropriate CDR administration guide, such as the Infor Public Sector Building Permits Administration Guide.