Inspection Detail widget

Shows information about an inspection. You can enter these settings in the widget's configuration:

Setting Description
Record Detail Page Page that is used to show details of the inspection's parent record, such as a building application.
Record Results Page Page that is used to record inspection results.
Capture Request Date to Call Date Indicates where the request date will be stored when a user requests an inspection through the portal. If you select True, the request date will be stored in the inspection's Call Date field. If False, the request date will be stored in the Scheduled field.
Allow public to request an inspection Indicates whether users in the public role can request inspections.
Allow Customer to Specify if Partial Inspection Indicates whether customers can specify that inspections are partial. If you select False, then only service providers can specify partial inspections.
Allow Sharing Indicates whether users can share inspections. If you enable the sharing feature, a Share link is shown at the top of the widget. The user can click it to share a link to the current inspection.
Inspection Settings Use the check boxes to indicate what inspection information you want to show for customers, service providers, and members of the public.