When creating a review type for an application type in Infor Public Sector, select the Show in Portal check box to show reviews of this type in Rhythm for Civics.

Select the Is Public check box to make a review type visible to portal users in the public role. You can optionally provide an alternative description of the review type for Rhythm for Civics in the Portal Description field.

For plan reviews in the Building Permits, Planning, Project, and Use Permits modules, the DigEplan integration in Infor Public Sector is also supported in Rhythm for Civics. The integration can be enabled separately for different CDR modules, and for users in the customer and service provider roles.

If the integration is enabled for service providers, then service providers who conduct reviews will see the Open DigEplan button for reviews with electronic plans in the My Assignments Card View and Review Detail widgets. The user can click this button to open DigEplan.

If the integration is enabled for customers, the plans in DigEplan are embedded in the Electronic Plans section of the Instrument Detail widget. In the My Projects Card View widget, the Electronic Plans button is shown for applications with electronic plans. Clicking this button shows the same information that is shown in the Electronic Plans section of the Instrument Detail widget.

Note: The DigEplan integration for customers requires Infor Public Sector January 2022 or later. It is not supported if you are using Rhythm for Civics with Infor Public Sector 11.1.

See the Infor Public Sector CDR help for more information about plan reviews and DigEplan.