Configuring logs

You can configure certain user actions in Rhythm for Civics to add logs automatically.

For example, you can specify a log type to add to a service request when a customer withdraws the request. In addition to these pre-defined user actions, you can add custom log generation links to application and service request types.

See Log generation links.

To define log types to be added automatically, use the Portal configuration in the Configuration Editor. Under the Setup node, these nodes have one or more attributes that specify log entries to be added on different events:

  • Building
  • Case
  • Customer Service
  • License
  • Planning
  • Project
  • Trade License
  • Use

Displaying logs

You can also configure which log types for CDR and Customer Service are displayed in Rhythm for Civics. In Infor Public Sector, the Log Type code definitions for Customer Service and for the CDR modules include these check boxes:

  • Display in Portal: Indicates whether logs of this type are displayed in the portal.
  • Is Public: Indicates whether logs of this type are displayed to portal users in the public role.

You can also use the Portal Comments field to specify a description for the log entry that will be displayed in the portal, instead of the log description and comments in Infor Public Sector.