Portal page setup

For the hosted page payment gateway provider integration, Rhythm for Civics provides a Hosted Page Return widget to finalize the payment after the user completes the payment. You must create a new page named "Return" to host this widget. The URL of this page must be provided to the payment gateway provider so it can take users back to the Rhythm for Civics site.

The widget requires at least one query string named "token." If the token can't be passed and the hosted page requires a different name, you can use the response mapping in the merchant account to map any query string to "token." An example of a URL with a query string is shown below:


To add the required page, log in to Rhythm for Civics as a page administrator. Select Admin > Pages and add a new page called "Return" using a single padded layout.

Next, open the "Return" page and click Add > Applications. Add the infor.civics Hosted Page Return widget to the page.

The Hosted Page Return widget requires the query string "token." It will send the rest of the query string variable and values to Infor Public Sector and store them in the custom properties of the current payment server transaction record. To locate the current payment server transaction record, Infor Public Sector uses the token passed into the widget and retrieves the register transaction by this token. TransactionToken is a read-only property on the Hansen.Cashiering.IRegisterTransaction object.

This example shows how to generate the return URL with a template variable:

https://rhycivalt2dev-tst.rhythmlabs.infor.com/return?token= {{oDrawerTransaction.RegisterTransaction.TransactionToken}}