Starting wizards from Submit a Record

Wizards are normally launched by selecting Start Project from the menu, which opens the Start a Project page, but it might be more convenient for an applicant to access a wizard from the Submit a Record page instead.

To configure application types to launch wizards, complete these steps:

  • When you create the application type in Infor Public Sector, select the Show in Portal and Allow Submission check boxes. This step controls the display of the link in the Start a Project page.

    See Application types.

  • Add the application type to the Wizard node in the Portal configuration. This step links the wizard to the application type link.

To add the application type, open the Portal configuration and find the wizard that you want to link to, then add a child A/P type node under the wizard configuration node. For the APType attribute, specify the application type name exactly as it appears in Infor Public Sector. For the Product Family attribute, specify the CDR product family. Use these valuesfor the CDR product family:

  • Building
  • BusinessLicense
  • Planning
  • Project
  • TradeLicense
  • Use

Application types that are configured under the Wizard node will be shown in the Submit a Record page, and will launch the specified wizard when the user clicks them. If the user cancels the wizard, they will be returned to the Submit a Record page, not Start Project.

Note: Launching a wizard from an application type link in Submit a Record does not mean the wizard will necessarily direct the user to submit that type of application. It only starts the wizard process.