Creating users

You can create portal user accounts for contacts in Infor Public Sector, and you can also configure Rhythm for Civics to allow users to register through the portal site.

Use the Portal configuration to specify whether users can create their own user profiles. To allow users to create their own profiles, set the Allow New Profile attribute on the Setup > Login node of the Portal configuration to True.

If users can create their own profiles, you can require security questions and answers for added security.

To configure security questions, use the Requires Question and Answer attribute on the Portal User node.

To define the available security questions, use the SecurityQuestion code definition in Infor Public Sector. The SecurityQuestion code definition is found under Resources in Code Definition Management.

Note: If you expire a security question in Infor Public Sector, the question and answer will still work for any users who have already selected the question in Rhythm for Civics. Expired questions are not available for new users.

Rhythm for Civics can also be configured for single sign on using a provider such as LoginRadius.

See Single sign on configuration.