Instrument List View widget

Used to look up records.

This is the original version of the lookup. You can also use the updated Instrument List Card View widget instead.

See Instrument List Card View widget.

You can enter these settings in the widget's configuration:

Setting Description
Record Detail Page Page that is used to show details of a selected record.
View by Options Used to define various date range options for the search function. The options that you define will appear in the View list in the widget. For example, you might define an option called "This Week" that shows the last seven days.

Use the Default check boxes to specify which date range is shown when the widget opens. For best performance, we recommend setting the default to a limited range such as the last 30 days. The page can be slow to load if too many records are returned.

Search By Status Date Options Used to configure various status date search fields for the lookup. For example, you might want to allow users to search for applications based on the date an application was added, or the date a permit was issued. For each check box that you select, Rhythm for Civics displays a pair of "from" and "to" date fields that can be used for searching.