Creating a wizard

The basis for a wizard in Rhythm for Civics is a CPQ ruleset that you create in Infor Design Studio. The screens and screen options that you define for your ruleset will be displayed in the wizard. This table shows how the elements of a CPQ ruleset are displayed in Rhythm for Civics:

CPQ Rhythm for Civics
Ruleset Wizard
Screen Tab
Screen option Question/answer
Details Required records
Integration Submit record bindings

To create a question you must create or reference an existing component attribute. These controls are supported for questions:

  • Dropdown
  • Radio button
  • Text box
  • Text area
  • Check box

Tooltips are supported as well. The tooltips that you define for your controls in Infor Design Studio will be displayed in Rhythm for Civics.

Images are not supported, but you can embed an <img> element in your HTML.