External libraries

In addition to using a URL to redirect the user to a hosted page, you can use JavaScript. You can enter a script in the Contents field when you configure your merchant account in Infor Public Sector, or you can add external script libraries to the Checkout widget.

These libraries are loaded when the user clicks OK in the Payment Processing dialog box. (This is the dialog box that appears when the user clicks Make Payment in the Current Statement widget, indicating that the user is being redirected to an external page.)

To add one or more external libraries, open the configuration for the Checkout widget and scroll down to the Hosted Page Solution Options section. You can then use the Add and Remove buttons under External Libraries to add and remove libraries.

For each library that you want to add, specify the URL in the External Library URL field. Select the Loading Libraries Async check box if you want all libraries to be loaded at the same time. Do not select this check box if the libraries must be loaded in a specific order.