Attachments in Infor Public Sector 11.2 and after

The attachment functionality in Infor Public Sector was overhauled for the 11.2 release. Instead of attachment catalogs, the system now uses EDM (electronic document management) providers to manage all attachments. An EDM provider can be an external system such as Infor Document Management or SharePoint, or it can simply be a directory on your server, as with the old attachment catalogs.

This applies to all 11.2.x and 2021.x updates, and later updates.

To configure attachments for Rhythm for Civics, you must first add one or more EDM providers in Infor Public Sector. Then, in the Portal configuration, you must specify the EDM providers that you want to use when adding attachments from the portal. The Attachments node under the Setup node has an attribute to specify the provider to use for each module. There are separate settings for Customer Service and for the various CDR modules.

Note: This means that only one provider can be used to add attachments for each module. When displaying existing attachments for an instrument, Rhythm for Civics includes attachments for all providers.

The 11.2 release also introduced the concept of document types. Most EDM systems use document types to categorize documents, so you must define document types in Infor Public Sector to match the ones in the EDM system. Every attachment is then assigned a document type.

The ability to view, add, update, and delete attachments in Rhythm for Civics is defined at the document type level. When adding or editing a document type in Infor Public Sector, use the Portal Configuration grid to specify the actions that users in different roles can take. For example, customers might be allowed to add and update documents, but public users can only view documents. You can also specify a portal description for each document type.

Finally, you must set up access control for your EDM providers and document types in Infor Public Sector. The user that you use to connect to Infor Public Sector (specified on the Portal User node of the Portal configuration) must be granted access to the providers and catalogs that you want to use. (Normally Rhythm for Civics doesn't use the access roles and permissions defined in Infor Public Sector, but this is an exception.)

See the Infor Public Sector System Administration Guide for more information.