Users and roles

You can create portal user accounts for Infor Public Sector contacts in the back office, or you can allow users to create their own profiles in the portal site.

Rhythm for Civics defines different roles in which users may interact with records from the Infor Public Sector database. When interacting with records in the portal, a user is considered to be in one of these roles:

  • Customer: Users are in the customer role when they are logged in with their user profiles, and when they are interacting with records that they are responsible for, such as service requests that they submitted or applications on which they are designated as applicants. Customers are said to own the records for which they are responsible.
  • Public: Users are in the public role if they are not logged in, or if they are logged in but are interacting with records that they do not own.
  • Service provider: A service provider is a third party who has been authorized by the agency to work with certain types of records in Rhythm for Civics. For example, service providers might complete building reviews and inspections.

    See Service providers.

A user's role determines what information is shown in the portal site, and which actions the user can complete. For example, more detailed information might be shown for a permit application if the user is a customer, or public users might be allowed to request permit inspections.