Attachment size limits

You can specify a maximum file size for attachments in the Portal configuration. In addition to the configuration setting, there is a hard coded limit of 250 MB for all attachments in Rhythm for Civics.

To set the maximum attachment size, use the Allowable file size (MB) attribute on the Setup > Attachments node in the Portal configuration. Due to the hard coded limit, the maximum size that is supported is 250 MB.

This size limit can be applied differently depending on your site's configuration.

If you are not using the advanced attachment feature, attachments are always added individually, so the size limit is per file.

If you are using the advanced attachment feature, then attachments are added individually when users are working with an existing record, such as a permit in the Instrument Detail widget. However, when a user submits a new application in the Add Instrument widget, all attachments are added in a single upload. Thus the size limit applies to the entire upload rather than an individual file.

See Attachments for CDR instruments.