The notification functionality in Infor Public Sector is used to send automated email or text notifications to users of the Rhythm for Civics site.

For example, users are sent notifications when they create new profiles or when they change their passwords.

To send emails and SMS text messages, you must define your agency's email and text settings. Both of these are configured in the Hansen8 configuration of the associated Infor Public Sector site. Use the EMAIL node of the Hansen8 configuration to specify your agency's email settings. For text messages, Infor Public Sector uses Twilio. Use the Twilio node under the NOTIFICATIONS > Providers node to specify your Twilio account settings.

Note: Twilio is a third-party application, so you must create your own account. There is a small charge for every text message that is sent using Twilio.

In Infor Public Sector you can also add or edit notification templates and record contacts' notification preferences. You can also write formulas in the Workflow Manager to intercept notifications before they are sent and alter or redirect the messages.

See "Notifications" in the Infor Public Sector Agency Personalization Administration Guide.