Adding an expression group

You can use expression groups to define filter criteria within the Portal configuration. Each expression group defines a set of criteria that determine which records users have access to.

  1. Open the Portal configuration in the Configuration Editor.
  2. Right-click the Filters node, under Security, and insert a child Model node.
  3. Select the new Model node and enter values for these attributes:
    Enter a description of the detail page.
    Model Name
    Specify the moniker of the agency business object.
    Note: Although the term "model" is used here, this is not actually a model but a business object moniker. All agency objects use the same model, Infor.PublicSector.Services.Core.CoreModels.GenericRequest. By entering a moniker you can define a filter for a specific object.
  4. Add a child Expression Group node to the Model node, with these attributes:
    Specify the concatinator that will be used for multiple criteria in the expression group. This can be And or Or.
    Enter a description of the expression group.
  5. Right-click the Criteria node and insert one or more child Criterion nodes, with these attributes:
    Specify the property of the agency business object that this criterion will evaluate.
    Specify the comparison operator, such as Equal or Like.
    Specify the value for the comparison.
    Alternatively, specify the variable that you want to use for the comparison. The variable must be a property of the CurrentUser object, which is an instance of the Portal.Membership class. For example, to get the current user's contact key you would specify CurrentUser.Contact.ContactKey.