Submitting a record with wizard answers

The wizard stores the answers that the user provides and uses them to fill in designated fields when starting a new application. To submit a record using wizard answers you must map the component attributes in CPQ to the correct propertiesInfor Public Sector. These fields are made available for mapping:

  • DBAName
  • comments
  • squareFootage
  • address_id:attributes_ADDRKEY
  • parcel_id:attributes_PRCLKEY
  • Spatial_XCoordinate:attributes_lon
  • Spatial_YCoordinate:attributes_lat
  • location
  • TypeOfBusiness
  • applicantType
  • applicationName
  • declaredValuation
  • BusinessName
  • LicenseCategory

To bind answers from the wizard to supported fields you must add an Integration rule type to the ruleset. Select the template that you want to use and add this entry if the template doesn't append it:

  • Attribute Name: IntegrationOutputID
  • Type: String
  • Value: =CreateGUID()

For each binding, specify this information:

Attribute Name
Specify the name of the field that the answer is bound to.
Specify String.
Enter either a hard-coded string or a reference to the component attribute.

This table shows the format of the property in the Attribute Name column:

Binding Description
[property] Binds the value directly to the property of the start process model.
[property]_[property] Binds the value to a child property of the start process model.
[property]:[output value property] Indicates that the output value is an object, and binds the value to a property of that object.
[details property]?[ID] Allows detail page records to be loaded into the detail page object of a start process model.