A delegate can be used to conduct a secondary search on another component after the user selects a value from the AutoComplete suggestion list. This can be used to fetch additional related data based on the user's selection.

For example, you might have set up AutoComplete for a Business Number field, and you may want to display additional information on your detail page, such as a list of directors, based on the business number that the user selects.

You define delegates in the AutoComplete configuration. Because a delegate calls a different component, you must first add a node for the secondary component to the COMPONENTS node. Specify the index manager type, the index search type, the moniker, the property, and the service profile, just as you do with any other component.

Note: When a component is used as a delegate, any response binds on that component will be ignored. Therefore the properties returned by the component's service profile must match the control binds in the detail page.

Next, add a child DELEGATES node to the primary component, then add a child DELEGATE node for each delegate.

The Moniker and Property attributes of the DELEGATE node point to the secondary component. These must match the Component Moniker and Property attributes of the component on which you want to conduct a secondary search.

Finally, the Search Field attribute can be used to search on a property other than the one specified by the Property attribute. This should be one of the other properties defined in the response mapping for the service profile. If you don't specify a search field, then the Property attribute will be used.