Creating a reference link

  1. Click a blank cell in your Microsoft® Office Excel worksheet. This is the target cell.
  2. Click Reference Link.
  3. Click Filter From to specify a value or range of values for mandatory filter items such as Product or Table.
    Or, right-click the item and select Lookup. Your selections populate the Selection List.
  4. Optionally, right-click a filter item and select Options to specify extra filter options such as comparison operators.
  5. Double-click items in the Selection List to display them in the Output Field.
  6. Optionally, double-click items in the Output Field to edit the Extraction Type.
  7. Click OK.
    The Reference Link formula is inserted into the target cell. Values returned from the query are displayed next to the target cell.
    Note: If the formula length exceeds 8,192 then the error message Too many filters or output fields, failed to execute. Please remove some and retry. is displayed.
  8. In Excel, highlight the target cell to display the Reference Link definition in the Formula Bar.
    The formula that is displayed is a shortened version of the definition. The target cell can be saved or copied to other locations in your workbook.
  9. Double-click the target cell to re-open and modify the Reference Link definition.
    A dynamic link to your data source is maintained through data extraction definitions.
  10. Click Recalculate to update the Reference Link definition and to display the latest output.