Creating a Data Send

To create a basic generic Data Send, follow these steps:

  1. Add data to your spreadsheet. This connects to the source system and the Data Send Definition.
  2. Ensure you apply the correct Layout Identifiers (if required) for each section of the Data Send Definition.
  3. Select the Data Send option from the Query & Analysis Cloud ribbon to open the Data Send window.
  4. Select your product.
  5. Highlight the appropriate Driver Fields in red then cell reference the values to the correct items on your worksheet.
  6. After you have mapped the values, select the Options tab where you can set these options:
    Internal or external definition
    Enables you to save a template of the Data Send.
  7. If you have already saved a definition template, then you must use the Load Definition option. This option recalls any saved internal definitions, which are saved with the workbook, or external definitions.
  8. Click OK to create or send the data to your source products.