A dynamic link to your data source is maintained through your data extraction definitions. Click Recalculate to update the definitions with the most recent values from your data source, and recalculate them to display the latest output.

Ensure you are connected to your data source before recalculating.

Click Recalculate to recalculate all query definitions. You can also select from three recalculation options:

  • Recalculate Worksheet: Recalculate all query definitions in your worksheet by selecting Recalculate > Recalculate Worksheet.
  • Recalculate Workbook: Recalculate all query definitions in your workbook by selecting Recalculate > Recalculate Workbook.
  • Recalculate Range: Recalculate a single query definition or a selected range of definitions by highlighting the specific target cells, then selecting Recalculate > Recalculate Range.

The Microsoft Excel Calculation Options is set to automatic when worksheets are processed in the Q&A DataLink Server. After a worksheet is recalculated the calculation mode is reset back to manual if that was the mode it was set to previously.