Extracting data from hierarchies

Data can be extracted from hierarchies using these methods:

  • Summary Link
  • Summary Report
  • Detail Report
  • Reference Link.

To extract data from a hierarchy:

  1. Select the query type you want to use, from Summary Link, Summary Report, Detail Report and Reference Link.
  2. In the Filter pane, set the required filters:
    1. Right-click Product and select Lookup to set the required Product.
    2. Right-click the Super Field and select Lookup to select the required Super Field.
    3. Right-click Table and select Lookup to select the required Table.
    Available hierarchies are then displayed in the Available Columns pane.
  3. If the required hierarchy is not displayed in the Output pane, right-click it and select Add to Output.
  4. Right-click this hierarchy in the Output Pane and select Extraction Type.
  5. Select the required extraction type and click OK.
    The extracted data is populated to the selected hierarchy column in the table view.