Example of adding headers and subtotals

Complete the steps in this example to add headers and subtotals to your report layout:

  1. Create a Summary Report:
    1. Include these outputs: Account Code and Base Amount.
    2. Sort the Account Code in ascending order.
  2. Select the Report Style tab and select Designer.
  3. Add the account code and base amount to the grid.
  4. Select Sections. The Sections window is displayed.
  5. Select Header/Subtotal.
  6. Set Expand Status to Collapse All.
  7. Set level of Account Code to Level 1.
  8. Click OK to generate the report.

    This table shows the example report. The header is displayed and the subtotal is collapsed:

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
    2 Account Code Base Amount
    3 13000
    (+)17 Subtotal -4642.11
    18 14000
    (+)29 Subtotal -4522.75
    30 Total -9164.86