Formatting cells

You can use Report Designer to change the way data is displayed in a cell.

For example, you can specify the number of digits to the right of a decimal point, or you can add a border to the cell and display it in a different color. You can access these settings in Report Designer by clicking the Format Cells button.

There are five tabs in the Format Cells dialog box: Number, Alignment, Font, Border and Fill.


Apply formatting to the type of content in the cell. For example, to display a date, select the DateTime category, or to include a text description, select the Text category.


Specify how the cell contents are aligned, vertically and horizontally. Optionally, select to wrap text.


Specify the font and font characteristics for your cell content. Characteristics include font type, style, font size, color and font effects.


Specify how the cell content is enclosed. You can specify the characteristics of the bordered cell. Characteristics include the line thickness, color and line style.


Select a background color for your cell selection.