Copying a formatted cell using Format Painter

By using Format Painter you can copy a cell format to multiple cells. The format is remembered only once before the formatting reverts back to normal.

  1. Create a report definition and view the default output in Report Designer:
    1. Click Summary Report or Detail Report.
    2. Specify a report definition.
    3. Click the Report Style tab and click Designer to open Report Designer.
    4. Right-click an output item in the Output section and select Add All.
      The report design is populated with the output from your report definition.
  2. Highlight the cell selection that you want to format. The selection can be a single cell, several contiguous cells, a row or a column.
  3. Click the Format Cells button. Or, right-click a cell and select Format > Format Cells.
  4. Click the Fill tab.
  5. Click the empty box to open the Select Color window.
  6. Select a color and click OK > OK.
    The new background color is displayed in the report design.
  7. Select a cell with the new background color. Right-click Format > Format Painter.
    Alternatively, you can click Format Painter in the context section.
  8. Select a cell, or range of cells that does not have a background color.
    The formatting is applied when you make the cell selection.
  9. Click OK to save your changes.