About Query & Analysis Cloud

Infor Query & Analysis Cloud is an executive information system. Q&A Cloud provides an easy and fast way in Microsoft Excel to interrogate and analyze data that is held in your data source.

These actions can be completed in Q&A Cloud:

  • Extract data from multiple objects by defining different types of query formulas in the cells of Excel worksheets.
  • Recalculate queries to keep the extracted data current.
  • Drill down on aggregated values to display the details of their composition.
  • Post transactions from Excel into SunSystems Cloud using Data Send.

User authentication and authorization is facilitated by Infor Federation Services (IFS).

IFS facilitates these features:

  • Sign-on and sign-off for the Microsoft Excel add-in
  • Security permissions for Q&A Cloud roles:
    • QAA-Design

      Each user with the QAA-Design role assigned can design queries.

    • QAA-Extract

      Each user with QAA-Extract role assigned can extract queries and perform further analysis.

    • QAA-DataSend

      Each user with QAA-DataSend role assigned can write data to the DataLink Application.

    • QAA-Administration

      Each user with QAA-Administration role assigned is an administrator in Q&A Cloud.


    For the existing tenants, both new roles and formerly used roles (QNA-Admini, QNA-User and QNA-Superuser) co-exist in tenant. However, the administrator must configure the application permissions to assign only the new QAA roles (see Configuring Q&A Cloud roles in Infor Ming.le.)

    For the new tenants, only new roles will be assigned.

  • Session timeout