Sorting output items

You can use Sorting to specify the sort order of the output items. The sort order does not affect the display sequence of the output columns.

On return to the data extraction dialog, the item sort order is indicated by the Sort number. The number 1 indicates an item is sorted first, 2 indicates an item is sorted second, and so on. An icon accompanying the Sort number indicates whether an item is sorted in ascending (AZ) or descending (ZA) order.

To apply a sort order:

  1. Right-click any item and select Sorting.
  2. Order the output items into the correct sort order by dragging them above or below the other items.
  3. Double-click an item to modify the Sort Mode as none, ascending or descending. By default, items are set to None.
  4. Optionally, select a value from Output Options.
  5. Click OK.