Period selection

There are multiple ways to filter by period.

The number of periods in your financial year depend on how you have defined them. This table lists the options for Period Selection. To provide an example for each period selection, the current year is yyyy, it has 13 periods, and the current period is 009.

Period Description Example From Period Example To Period Offset Available
P Specify Period Same or earlier than To Period Same or later than From Period No
PF First Period of Current Year yyyy/001 yyyy/001 Yes
PA This Period yyyy/009 yyyy/009 Yes
PE This Period Last Year 2019/009 2019/009 No
PH Last Period yyyy/008 yyyy/008 No
PN Next Period yyyy/010 yyyy/010 No
QA This Quarter yyyy/007 yyyy/009 No
QE This Quarter Last Year 2019/007 2019/009 No
QH Last Quarter yyyy/004 yyyy/007 No
QN Next Quarter yyyy/010 yyyy/012 No
YA Year-to-Date yyyy/001 yyyy/009 Yes
YF YTD First Period of Current Year yyyy/001 yyyy/001 Yes
YE Year-to-Date Last Year 2019/001 2019/009 Yes
YH Last Year End 2019/001 2019/013 No
YK Year Balance to End of Year yyyy/001 yyyy/013 Yes
YR Periods Remaining for Current Year yyyy/010 yyyy/013 No
B Specify Balance yyyy/009 yyyy/009 Yes
BA Balance 1990/001 yyyy/009 Yes
BE Balance this Period Last Year 1990/001 2019/009 No
BF Balance First Period of Current Year 1990/001 yyyy/001 Yes
BH Balance Last Period 1990/001 yyyy/008 No
BK Balance at Year End 1990/001 yyyy/013 Yes
BS Balance at Start of Year 1990/001 2019/013 No

The Current Period Override field overrides the current period for the query.

You can specify these values:

  • A year and period, such as 2019/001
  • A cell reference, such as A5
  • A cell name, such as CurrentPeriod