Drill Path Manager

With Drill Path Manager, you can view your current drill path, and the active workbook and worksheets within it.

You can save or clear your current drill path, or you can view or reuse your saved drill path. You can also use Drill Path Manager to select a current worksheet to view, or you can use it to rename or delete a worksheet.

Drill Path Manager enables you to save and replay drill paths instead of having to specify your analysis each time you extract a worksheet.

The drill path retains query details. After the drill path has been saved, subsequent changes to the query in the parent sheet when replaying the drill path will not be respected. This is for either Summary Drill Down or Transaction Drill Down. The drill path uses the details present at the time it was created, not the revised query details. In these cases the drill path should be deleted and saved again.

Each drill down function creates dependent worksheets that are children of their parent worksheet. So, a parent worksheet can have multiple dependent, or child, worksheets. Each child worksheet displays a different analysis of the data in the parent worksheet. This hierarchical structure of parent and child worksheets is known as a drill path. You can save drill paths in the Drill Path Manager and replay them as required.