Migrate current workbook

Before you start, make sure that:
  • Workbook or worksheet is not protected with a password.
  • Workbook status is not set to Read only.
  • Workbook file format for Q&A 10 is .xlsx.
  • Workbook file format for Q&A 11.3 is .xlsx or .xlsm.
  1. Open Excel and log on to Q&A Cloud environment.
  2. Open the workbook to migrate.
    If a workbook is unsaved, you must save it before continuing.
  3. Select Utilities > Migrate > Current workbook.
    The Report Migration dialog is displayed.
    The number of migrated report definitions and Data Send definitions are displayed.
    The migration log file and Q&A 10 and Q&A 11.3 workbooks are saved in the same folder using the original file name starting with 'Q&A_backup_'.