Data Send to SunSystems Cloud in Infor Ming.le

Sending Data from Q&A Cloud to SunSystems Cloud requires you to have the appropriate security permissions and user roles.

  1. Log on to the Infor Cloud Suite.
  2. Select User Menu > User Management.
  3. Provide your granted user ID in the search field and click Details.
  4. In the Security Roles tab and select these roles:
    • SUN-SSC
  5. Log on to the SunSystems Cloud product in the Infor Cloud Suite.
  6. Select Storage.
  7. Select qna folder and click Settings.
  8. In the Group tab, click Edit and select at least one group selected in Step 4 and click OK.
  9. Optionally, in the Users tab, select a single or multiple users ID provided in Step 3 and click OK.
  10. Select Read/Write permission for each selected group or user ID using drop-down menu in the Permission column.