Creating macros

The supported macro functions are all embedded within the application.

To run a Q&A Cloud macro you must be logged on. Any attempt to run a macro without being logged on prompts a Logon Notification.

As with standard Microsoft® Office Excel macros you can add as many steps as you require. For example, you can include multiple Recalculation Ranges to ensure that your report is recalculated as required.

You can create Q&A Cloud macros to:

  • Recalculate a Report.
  • Execute and populate a Query formula.
  • Insert and run a Query formula.
  • Send data using the Data Send option.

Maximum line length

The maximum line length for macros is 1023 characters. Where longer macros are needed, nested VBA code is used to join the lines using the concatenation operator &.

The syntax for nested code is:
Sub macro1()
Dim str1 As String
str1 = "=QAA_DR(""1,2,SS6,..."
str1 = str1 & "..."
str1 = str1 & "..TP=,"")"
QAAMacro.InsertAndExecuteQueryFormulaToCell "A8", str1
End Sub